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leaf About Us

NEKTR Extracts is a small craft cannabis collective with big capabilities. Our team is comprised of some of the most prolific growers and extractors in BC. With a strong focus on quality control and consistency, we have created our own path in the cannabis extraction industry. All of our products are made in house starting with the flower from soil to oil giving us full quality control.

All of Nektr’s extracts are derived from fresh cryogenically frozen flower of the highest quality. With full control over the growing process, we have the ability to push longer flowering strains to their ideal terpene rich state. Or, slightly shorten a flowering cycle for higher.

THC-a content. This process is instrumental in our ability to isolate and separate the desired compounds.



Our extractors operate a custom closed loop system designed exclusively for our process. The unique system allows for extensive cooling through direct contact with cryogenic liquids or gasses, creating the perfect conditions for an ideal extraction. Utilizing a mixture of hydrocarbon solvents, we then extract and dewax in a single process. Using these methods we have achieved isolations as high as 97.5% THC-a.


Live Resin

Live resin is a term used to describe oils that have been extracted from fresh, frozen plant material. For best results the plants are harvested, stripped of their stalks and leaves, flash frozen and stored below -30•c for days prior to extraction. This process insures maxim terpene content and purity. Live resin can be found in a variety of consistencies including shatter, waxes and diamonds.



“Diamonds” are formations of crystallized THC-a that grow during the removal of solvents from the extract. They can be incredibly high in purity and when separated from their accompanying terpene fraction, have almost no noticeable flavour or aroma.