4 Star General 90u Live Rosin

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4 Star General 90u Live Rosin is an Indica-based cannabis concentrate that merges the genetics of two exquisite Chemdawg hybrids – Tres Dawg and Stardawig. The strain is covered in red-orange hairs with its buds showing a hint of green and purple calyxes. Shrouding the bud with a frosty resin coat oozes an earthy and sweet flavour, and mixes with immaculate sourness. When you buy 4 Star General 90u online, you can rest assured that you’ll experience divine peace with a calm euphoria.

1 review for 4 Star General 90u Live Rosin

  1. Jason Butler

    I have been consuming Live Rosin for 10 years and this is hands down some of the best I’ve tried. Smooth, flavorful dabs with a potent indica buzz.Once you dab this rosin you’ll never buy shatter again.

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