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With the Blueberry indica and NYC Diesel sativa, Nektr Extracts Blue City Diesel live resin produces a pleasant, moderate to long-lasting body buzz. There is a light berry aroma that is smooth, expansive, and fast-acting. It’s a great option for medical marijuana patients with little to no fatigue or increased appetite. This breeder’s choice product provides the ideal relaxation.

Shop Nektr Extracts Blue Diesel live resin online Canada, an indica-dominant cannabis strain, with a blueberry fragrance and taste, has a diesel flavour. Some taste like cotton candy.

Its buds are violet and blue when ready to harvest, with golden brown or burnt orange pistils (hairs).

You can get Nektr Extracts Blue Diesel live resin for sale with an average THC level of 17% and a high of 23%. With a pleasant to moderate high lasting up to three hours, it’s a morning favourite for reviewers. With this smooth and fast-acting indica, there is a higher cerebral activity, more energy, and no accompanying fatigue. As the Nektr Extracts Blue Diesel live resin does not increase appetite or fatigue, the strain is popular in the medical field.

Blue Diesel is a grower’s favourite with a generous harvest that can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it flowers within 8-9 weeks.

1 review for Blue Diesel Live Resin

  1. George

    I bought a gram of this Blue Diesel Live Resin, it tastes amazing and has some great benefits. This concentrate is very relaxing and using this right before bed is ideal for me. Would definitely purchase again.

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