God’s Green Crack Hybrid



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Buy Gods Green Crack today to experience the godly effects of the hybrid strain made by Jordan of the Islands. To moderate God Bud’s massive effects, the hybrid was merged with a Green Crack Sativa. Its parents function in unison to provide premium body and mind effects to lift your mood and relax your muscles. Taking a purple colouration nearing maturity is typical for its buds, primarily if it’s bred in lower temperatures.

GGC provides the ideal balance between the heightened effect of God Bud and the energetic boost of Green Crack Sativa. Articulated specifically to boost senses and relax muscles, GGC performs its job impeccably.

Packing 60% indica and 40% Sativa, it packs the balanced punch of refreshment to both your mind and body. The late evenings or the time before sleeping provides the best effects of GGC, while its effects remain active for almost 2 hours!

The strain can also induce hunger cravings and occasionally a dry mouth and red eyes. So be prepared for the effects when you buy God’s Green Crack online.


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