Gorilla Zkittles Hybrid (AAAA)


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Hybrid is the new gen’s choice, and Gorilla Zkittlez is as hybrid as it gets. Produced by crossing Original Zkittlez and Glue, it is a treat for veteran smokers with its medium-high THC levels. The product is primarily aimed towards veterans due to its intensity, creativity, well-being, and sedation. Its chocolaty and astringent qualities mixed with the tropical fruit bouquet makes it a fan-favourite. You can grow Gorilla Zkittlez both outdoors and indoors within 56-63 days.

Packing approx. 24 percent THC is evidence enough for its potency as Gorilla Glue 4 and Zkittlez’s child.

Buy Gorilla Zkittlez today for an intense cannabis experience mixed with fruity fragrances.


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