OG kush 0.5ml syringes

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NEKTR extracts is the highest concentration of THC. We take pride in selecting the finest quality flower to refine into distillate. Our distillate undergoes a 7 step refinement process to ensure it meets our quality expectations, resulting in a clear gel that has a honey like texture and packed with flavour.

NEKTR extracts is craft cannabis brand that strives to create the highest quality products for your lifestyle. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in manufacturing and quality control to ensure our clients are given a best-in-class product consistently.OG Kush has medical application as a means to temporarily relieve anxiety and depression by helping users live in the moment. Its sense of focus can also be helpful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. Some have reported relief from headaches and migraines with this strain as well. As with many sativa varieties, OG Kush has the potential to make users feel paranoid with higher doses.


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