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OG Kush marijuana strain doesn’t have a clear origin, but its impact is undeniable and even known outside the world of cannabis. It is often regarded as a product fetched after crossing staple Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. The origin of OG Kush Cannabis Strain can also be from undocumented bag seeds. There is also an on-going debate over the full form of “OG.” Some believe it to be “original gangster” and some “ocean grown.”

OG Kush’s potency is considered as one of the best, with THC composition between 20% to 25%. Buy OG Kush indica cannabis flower to treat conditions like depression, appetite loss, and body ache. OG Kush consist of large nugget-like buds that have a dense, indica-like structure. OG Kush marijuana strain is often considered to be more head-focused than physical. Users tend to be more focused on their surroundings, sounds, and colours after using this cannabis.

1 review for OG Kush Indica

  1. Mathew

    This strain is fire! It has a nice balance about it, from its Hybrid Sativa/Indica genes. This strain made me creative and gave me energy, while at the same time, relaxing my body. I was able to focus, which is something that most Indicas simply do not allow me to do, and my mind was not racey, which can sometimes happen to me with some of the Sativas out here. Overall, I think this is a great hybrid strain!

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