Orange Creamsicle Diamonds


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Packing the properties of both juicy fruit and orange crush, you get the juicy Orange Creamsicle. Featuring Thai landrace and blueberry at its core, the cultivar proposes uplifting effects. Staying true to its title, Orange Creamsicle packs the taste of vanilla and orange, with a slight hint of citrus aroma.

It’s an indica-dominant hybrid cultivar prepared after merging the exquisite juicy fruit and orange crush strains. Its citrus vanilla flavour along with the creamy taste is renowned among non-users and users alike. It also contains a rich aroma, packing bright citrus wrapped in sugar and cream with a vanilla hint.

Its high gradually lifts your mood, and it finalizes with completely relaxing your entire body. Feeling an energy spike is natural after consuming Orange Creamsicle. The effects merged with its 15 to 17% THC levels, make it ideal for people dealing with fatigue, stress, and mood swings.

So buy Orange Creamsicle Diamonds in Canada, and treat yourself with an emotional boost!


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