Purple Candy Hybrid


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Purple candy kush weed strain was created by the makers of God Bud and Optimus Prime – British Columbia-based breeders BC Bud Depot. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with flowers and a deeply therapeutic body high. It can take even take the cannabis veterans for a ride due to its high potency. The THC content is said to be between 15% to 19%.

Buy Purple Candy Kush weed to get rid of chronic depression, anxiety, and migraines. It is believed to provide the users with a high level of focus on work, a relaxed environment, and a boost in creativity. Purple Candy comes with large, multicolored flowers holding together in tapering formations. If you order Purple Candy AAA online, you should get leaves with a dark shade of forest green and a hint of purple. The Purple Candy Kush weed strain gets this color due to anthocyanins pigments. Buy Purple Candy strain in Canada to get the best among indica-inflected strains.

1 review for Purple Candy Hybrid

  1. Louis

    You can’t beat the taste of this strain when smoked from a vaporizer. Very smooth and nice candy taste

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