Sugar Cookies Live Resin

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Nektr Extracts Sugar Cookies live resin, an indica-dominant hybrid, has a sweet aroma and induces deep full-body calm and then sleep, making it a favourite midnight snack for most consumers.

Rooted Genetics’s Sugar Cookie live resin sugar is the most delicious. You can buy Nektr Extracts Sugar Cookies live resin from your local confectioner’s oven, and they provide a great terpene profile, enjoy a dozen freshly baked berry-flavoured sugar cookies. Toke up with highly potent Nektr Extracts Sugar Cookies live resin for sale for any pains, aches, and stresses.

Sugar Cookies is derived from Blue Hawaiian, Crystal Gayle, and Sensi Star. The fruity flavour providing a strong and uplifting feeling, makes this terp-heavy resin incredible.


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